About Extrospection

The traditional 9-5 is no longer waiting for emerging graduates. With a significant amount of recent graduates unemployed or underemployed, young adults must capitalize on unconventional methods to enhance their career opportunities.

Through information and inspiration, Extrospection empowers young adults, and the like, to explore a variety of opportunities abroad, personally and professionally develop, and engage in social responsibility with a global community. Explorative readers will see different lifestyles, unconventional career paths, and entrepreneurial endeavors from around the world.


To help young adults take advantage of unconventional opportunities in addition to fostering a global and entrepreneurial mindset in order to overcome the obstacles of a competitive job market through career resilience and the ability to work anywhere in the world. 


A world where people live and work together, regardless of language, ethnicity, nationality, and cultural differences. Where the melting pot enjoyed in America has spread all over the world. Where people seek beyond the conventional for a place where their skills can be utilized in both professional and creative environments.