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How To Make Friends And Influence People

Whether you’re going through first-year orientation at your university, or you’re returning from the mid-term break during your second year, now is the right time to make new friends. The importance of making good friends at university cannot be emphasized enough. The friends you make during university are usually the ones that are going to stick with you throughout your life. They will be your study buddies, the shoulder you lean on when that campus romance goes oh so wrong, and they may even be your future roommates. In this article, you will learn about the best places to meet like-minded people, how to engage them in conversation, how to relate to them, and hopefully how to build a long lasting friendship with them.

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Why Social Connections Are Important For Career Development

Are you one of the many people who are searching for a modern and effective method to develop your career and enhance your career prospects? If so, then the answer you have been looking for is much closer than you might have thought. In today’s technological and socially driven world, your social connections and your online social media presence can be integral to finding, and even securing, your dream job. It’s important to learn why social connections are so important in getting ahead in your career, how to form these connections, and how to increase your social media presence in a positive way. 

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