Documentary: Hungry For Change

While you’re waiting another whole year for the new season of Orange is the New Black to come out on Netflix, take a gander at one of the genres rarely browsed upon on this wonderful website: the documentary section.  There you will find an extensive selection of films that will completely change the way you look at our world. One of these amazing documentaries is James Colquohoun and Laurentine ten Boseh’s Hungry For Change.
How do you become a happier person? How do you boost your immune system? Yes, there are pills you can take that do these things for you, but we can also be self-sufficient by improving what we eat, what we drink, and what we think. “You are what you eat” is more than a cliché, it is a way of life, and many of us do not realize just how true this statement is. Hungry For Change talks about how the average American does not consume food on a daily basis—we consume “food-like products” on a daily basis. MSG and glutamates can be hidden behind 50 different names such as monoammonian glutamate, maltodextrim, soy protein isolate, or whey protein concentrate. Take a look at any of your food products and read the ingredients. Did you skip over ¾ of the names because they’re so long? If you had bothered to read them, you probably wouldn’t have known what the heck they were anyway.  That’s when you know you have a food source high in calories, but low in nutrition.

Nutrition is what fuels our body and boosts our immune system. Nutrition is what gives us lasting energy to work and improve our moods. Calories are what sustain us. Calories keep us alive but do not really allow us to live or thrive. But, unfortunately, providing customers with quality nutrition is not the main goal of most manufacturers. Their goal is to sell you a product that has a long shelf life and will leave you wanting more. They entice you with promises that consumption of this specific food product will transform you physically, making you sexier or skinnier or whatever, making you feel better on the inside as well. They spend countless hours and money on making these eye-catching ads for their food products, while the quality of the so-called food still leaves much to be desired. Hungry For Change goes deeper into the ins and outs of some of these manufacturers and reports some shocking information.

Your methods of shopping for not only food but so many other products as well will be flipped upside down. With the blindfold lifted ever so slightly you will be better able to see how much garbage we are being fed from brand names we have grown up with and may have even developed emotional attachments to over the years.

It may be a treasure you didn’t even know you had; Hungry For Change is available to anyone who has a Netflix account, and if you’re not among those, you can always go to and sign up for a free trial to see this amazing documentary. It’s amazing how much lying and manipulation takes place for some people to make their living. Hungry For Change is an excellent source of eye-opening facts about not only the “food” we are buying and eating every day but the world around us. Everything is certainly not always as it seems, and it is time for the truth to be revealed. After you know, you won’t be able to unlearn it. But you wouldn’t want to. 

Image Credit: Hungry For Change

Image Credit: Hungry For Change