Alameda Point Collaborative: Growing a Brighter Future

Image Credit: Alameda Point Collaborative

Image Credit: Alameda Point Collaborative

Most charities or organizations try to help those who are in need no many, however, are able to say they both help and educate others in a way that really does make an impact in the lives of those in need. Alameda Point Collaborative is one of the few that is able to do both. 

Located in Alameda, California, Alameda Point Collaborative describes itself as, “a supportive housing community that uses all its resources to help families and individuals break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.” Not only does the organization provide housing, they are a source for those in need. They teach people how to be self-sustaining, as well as how to develop leadership skills. The Farm2Market program allows those who have formerly been homeless to grow and sell the produce along with strengthening their work ethic to help the farmers find permanent employment. When the employees are selected for this program, it provides them with an opportunity to work and opens the door for a life-changing experience.

            While there are similar programs out there, the Farm2Market program helps the workers to implement a positive and important change to their lifestyles. It is no secret that the life of a farmer is not lavish. It is often spent working long hours in the sun and having the outcome of the produce be dependant on the weather. However, it teaches the farmers the value of hard work in hopes that they are able to someday start over with the skills from this experience. 

This program truly cares about teaching the workers skills that will be beneficial to their futures, not just about the profits being made from the production of the produce. The members of this program becoming conscious of this nutritious source of food helps differentiate this program from others like it. Alameda Point Collaborative wants to see its residents succeed, which is why this program was added in 2005 and is just as impactful 10 years later. Learning the skills needed for farming, along with the health benefits that come from this source of nutrition, helps the residents to gain the knowledge needed to get back on their feet and to live a meaningful and healthy life.

I myself have volunteered with this program and can see why it makes such an impact. Not only do the residents working in the Farm2Market develop leadership skills, they are able to educate the public on a healthier lifestyle. This program would not be the same if there weren’t for volunteers who come out and lend a hand. Once you go, you’ll realize that Alameda Point Collaborative really is an organization that helps and teaches those in need.
Click on the link below to check out Alameda Point Collaborative, and to learn more about the Farm2Market program.