Essential Travel Safety Apps For Wherever You Go

Image Credit: Canva

Image Credit: Canva

The most important rule of traveling, especially when you’re alone, is making sure you’re safety is a priority. If you’re a frequent traveler, having to worry about putting something else in your suitcase is probably the last thing you want. Luckily, there are apps for your mobile device designed to keep you safe, while letting others know where you are if you ever feel uncomfortable. Listed below are the top three apps that, in my opinion, have the best features. All three apps are available for Android and iOS devices and work both internationally and domestically.

1. Have the Equivalent of 911 for any country at your fingertips
!Emergency! is perfect for the traveler who likes to explore out of the country. While the app does not have a lot of features, its main feature packs a lot of power. !Emergency! will first detect your location, asking you to confirm if where they think you are is correct. It will then dial that number for you if you ever feel that you are in danger. This app also shows the user the nearest hospitals, embassies, or clinics. This is perfect for any international traveler to become familiar with before exploring an unfamiliar place.

2. Know the Level of Safety, Anywhere, Anytime
Safety Map Worldwide is an app that helps you detect how safe or dangerous a neighborhood is, anywhere in the world. Not only is this great for smaller neighborhoods in different countries, but also for domestic neighborhoods that may not be familiar. If, by chance, you are in a dangerous neighborhood without knowing it, Safety Map Worldwide will send you a notification, warning you about the level of danger in that neighborhood.

3. A Solution for Every Emergency
For major or minor emergencies, bSafe has you covered. The app has a handful of features that helps you to feel safe on any occasion. It enables you to have an unlimited amount of emergency contacts, so you have multiple backups. However, it offers a primary contact so, in case of an emergency, this contact will get both a call and a text from you. It also has an SOS feature, which allows you to send out a distress call to your contacts with just a simple button. The SOS feature also will start recording video from your phone, as well as sending out your location, time, and date. It has multiple variations of checking in. You can check in when you’ve arrived in a safe location, or have your friends follow you via GPS so you don’t have to walk alone. 

In addition to apps, there are many other preparations to consider when traveling abroad like getting all necessary vaccinations, making digital copies of your documents, taking care of your health, and being aware of identity theft. Making sure to do your research will help increase your safety. There are many ways to stay safe while also having fun abroad