5 Things to Remember for a Move Abroad

Image Credit: Pixabay Skeeze

Image Credit: Pixabay Skeeze

Packing up everything you’ve ever known and moving your life to another country is a challenging and exciting process. There are so many important things to remember when you move in general, but moving abroad adds about 800 items to your list. Here are some of the big things you’ll want to remember:

1. Move the big stuff safely

You’re spending so much time packing your clothes and making sure you have all of your basics that you completely forget about the 103-year-old grand piano that’s been in your family for generations. Have fun trying to stuff that last minute item in your suitcase. For another option, try a relocation company.

There are businesses entirely dedicated to moving large items overseas. Sirva, for example, is a worldwide relocation and moving company that will take care of 100 percent of the hassle of moving everything from pianos, to furniture, or even pets.


2. Know the culture

There’s more to France than wine and cheese and more to Italy than pasta. Move past the tourist books and try to get a feel for the everyday culture of your destination. 

What do the locals watch on TV at night? What is the popular music? Are there any big holidays or festivals that you’ll be around to celebrate? Many online music radios, like Spotify, Pandora, or Soundcloud, have an international section. Know what everyone is listening to so you can rock out with everyone as soon as you get there.


3. Master the “common language”

What’s the common slag used in the Philippines? Most Tagalog textbooks won’t tell you, I bet. Try watching a favorite TV show or movie dubbed in another language. You can read the translated version of your favorite book. Or listening to a podcast created by locals. Searching the internet in that country could provide interesting results. For example, Google.co.uk, Google.fr, etc. You’ll be exposing yourself to the language, but you’ll have seen what happens before so you can better follow along.


4. Know your specific location

We all know Big Ben is in London, but do you know about the little coffee shop with the great biscotti down the street? Try Google Maps to get a virtual look of where you’re going to be spending the next chapter of your life and get the lay of the land before you even arrive. You can also try following the blogs of locals that can provide everyday information for newcomers. It will make the transition much easier.


5. Leave space open for change

You have friends and family that you are leaving behind. It’s important to keep them close and remember them, sure, but decorating your new living space with a bunch of pictures from all of the good times back home will not make your new destination feel familiar any time soon. Leave some empty space on the walls for a while and add things slowly, your living space will evolve with you and reflect the new you.


You should get to know your new country before leaving home in as many ways as possible. Remember to enjoy the experience as well, planning and coordinating for a big life event can be half the fun if you let it. Make sure your move abroad is one of them.

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