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Savvy Ways To Save On Textbooks

College is expensive - there is no doubt about it. Not only do you have to account for tuition fees, but also, there’s living costs and the cost of textbooks. This can all add up to an intimidating amount, and it’s absolutely understandable if you’re looking for ways to cut down on costs when and where you can. An ideal place to start cost-cutting is in the textbook department. Although the high prices of textbooks can be bewildering and infuriating, they do play an integral part in the learning process. This article has compiled some of the best-known - (and lesser-known) - ways that you can cut down on textbook costs and keep on top of your coursework at the same time. 

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What Is Your Leadership Style

All of the greatest and most prominent leaders in the world lead with different styles. Despite contrary belief, no leadership style is ‘better’ than another. However, some leadership styles can be more suited to a specific situation or audience, and for yourself. If you are in a situation where you are expected to be the leader, then it is best to know the leadership style that you should generally use beforehand. This is so you can understand how it benefits you, and when it is most effective. 

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Glassdoor is an online site focused on helping people find jobs, as well as companies they could love. Founded in 2007, Glassdoor hosts over six million company reviews in a variety of areas, all provided by a company’s most exclusive source—employees. Claiming themselves as “the world’s most transparent career community,” Glassdoor offers users the chance to intensively search a company’s salary reports, interview questions, CEO approval ratings, and much more. Yet, if this isn’t enough incentive for you to go and sign up right now, below are three reasons why once becoming a Glassdoor member, you’ll never job hunt the same again. 

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Challenge Yourself with a Foreign Language

Learning a second language is hard; it’s rewarding but it’s hard. What you should know is that unless you were exposed to other languages in your childhood, it’s supposed to be hard. Linguists have developed a theory about why second language acquisition becomes increasingly difficult as we advance through our life stages. The answer is this: the Critical Period.

“If a language is acquired in parallel with the development of the human brain as children grow, it is reasonable to postulate some language function in the brain. Consequently, the critical period for language learning is considered to be the biologically determined period in which the brain keeps its plasticity for acquisition of any language.” -Katsumi NAGAI

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5 Tips For Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad is a valuable and rewarding experience, not just because of the opportunities it provides for broadening your worldview and gaining perspective, but also because of the ways it can help you reach your career goals. Though it may seem like the majority of people go abroad during their time at university, this is not the case. In fact, less than 10% of university students study abroad, whether it’s for a summer, a semester, or a full academic year. This means that if you had the privilege of spending time at a university abroad, you are in the minority and can use your experience to help you stand out. However, in order to fully and properly market your time abroad, it is important to be able to articulate the ways you benefited from it and say something beyond “it was great” when asked about it. 

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Why You Should Have A Treehouse Account

When you’re looking to bulk up your resume/CV and skill set, volunteering and internships are all very well and good. However, you can easily find online resources that will teach you valuable skills and qualities from the comfort of your computer. One of these valuable resources is the website Treehouse, which offers courses in web design, coding, web development, and more. Although most of us know our way around social media, knowing how to build a website is a completely different ball game. “Just an hour a day” is all Treehouse suggests that you devote towards learning how to be tech-savvy. Being tech-savvy will provide you with an extensive set of benefits, you just have to be prepared to invest in yourself. 

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How To Find Your Passion

What is your passion? What drives you in life? These are only some of the hard-hitting questions that teachers, family members, friends, or acquaintances may ask you on a daily basis - especially if you’re heading to college. It’s totally understandable to be confused. In today’s society, so much emphasis is placed on working hard, doing well in school, and juggling a whole load of extracurricular activities at the same time, that it’s hard to find time in between all of that to cultivate a passion.

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Breaking The Ignorant American Stereotype

Has anyone’s first impression totally ruined something for you?

Sure, it’s not exactly fair to base your opinions off of one brief experience, but we do it.  It is so easy for us, in an age of constant motion and shortcuts, to connect the dots and associate one thing with another.

The fact of the matter is this: you are representing a whole lot more than yourself when you do just about anything. Whether it’s the city you’re from, the company you work for, the university you attend, or even the shoes you’re wearing, your actions reflect the identity of those groups. Gives you a lot of power, huh? But put on a larger scale, this kind of responsibility can be quite daunting; especially when there are millions of other people vying for attention and your audience already has a preconceived idea of how you operate.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Dead-End Job

Everyone has had at least one job that brings them almost no satisfaction, other than getting a paycheck. These are the nightmare jobs that vary from retail to restaurants, jobs that you’re only doing to support yourself, and certainly not for personal or professional fulfillment. As awful as these jobs are, here are a couple of ways to find hope and take at least one positive experience out of this dilemma.

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Develop, AdvanceMatthew C.
Why Social Connections Are Important For Career Development

Are you one of the many people who are searching for a modern and effective method to develop your career and enhance your career prospects? If so, then the answer you have been looking for is much closer than you might have thought. In today’s technological and socially driven world, your social connections and your online social media presence can be integral to finding, and even securing, your dream job. It’s important to learn why social connections are so important in getting ahead in your career, how to form these connections, and how to increase your social media presence in a positive way. 

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Grad School, Intern, Volunteer or Work? What’s Next For You?

Graduating from undergrad is an exciting accomplishment and something to be very proud of. But the bittersweet ending means it is time to begin a new chapter in your life, often including entering the workforce full time. But as a young 20-something, starting a full-time career might not be the next step for you—at least not right away. College is only four years, after all, and it’s okay to feel like you haven’t had enough time to learn, explore your talents and options, and begin a one-track career.

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